Third meeting, 20th – 23th January 2010 Prague, Czech Republic




1. Research & Consultancy Institute (Cyprus)

  • Christos Giannoulis

2. Generation Europe (Czech Republic)

  • Lenka Petyrkova

3. Zemgale NGO Center (Latvia)

  • Uldis Dumins
  • Dace Kupca
  • Sandris Zeivots

4. Tartu Tarbijanoustamis – ja Infokeskus (Estonia)

  • Tiiu Müürsepp
  • Elis Terasmaa

5. Education, Research & Consultancy Center (Lithuania)

  • Julija Šešeika
  • Renata Baltrimienė

No. Task Deadline Partners responsible
1 To finalize Methodology of Qualitative Research for Consumers’ Organizations. 15th February, 2010 ERCC, RCI
2 To prepare common content of qualitative research. 15th February, 2010 ERCC
3 To prepare qualitative research and send it to ERCC. 1st May, 2010 All partners
4 To prepare short description of organization (max 0,5 of page) for Compendium and send it to ERCC. 1st May, 2010 All partners
5 o prepare e-version of Compendium. 28th June, 2010 ERCC
6 To prepare surveys of consumers’ protection systems in partner countries and upload them on the websites. 15th February, 2010 All partners
7 To continue uploading the new information about project on partners’ websites. Permanently All partners
8 To continue dissemination activity Permanently All partners
9 To prepare the draft of final report (common part) 21st June, 2010 ERCC

Next meeting of project will be in Tartu on 28-29 June, 2010.

It was decided that during next meeting in Tartu:

  1. Press conference will be held.
  2. The final report of the project will be discussed.

Tiiu informed that there is the possibility to have press conference in Tartu Municipality. Each partner will prepare very short information (1-2 ppt slides) about its local qualitative research. One person will present to participants of press conference all researches.

The Compendium will be consisting of:

  1. Project description.
  2. Descriptions of partners’ organizations.
  3. Methodology of Qualitative Research.
  4. Local qualitative researches.

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