Tartu Consumer Advice and Information Centre is an independent voluntary association of persons the objective of the activities of which is to protect and promote the interests and rights of consumers.
Tartu Consumer Advice and Information Centre is founded in 2001.

The activities of the association are aimed at practical securing of the fundamental consumer rights - right for safety, information, choice, education, redress, healthy environment and right to be heard.
Association is the member of national Consumer Protection Council and participate so in the decision making process by influencing and developing the consumer policy at national level. Association is the member of newly founded European Consumer Union. Association has close cooperation with several European consumer organizations.

The main activities of the association are:

  • to inform and educate consumers in its own homepage in the Internet and by arranging different information days, seminars and trainings in Tartu, in Tartu county, in North-East of Estonia and in South-East of Estonia;
  • to advice consumers at Advisory Centre Riia 15b, Tartu or by phone and by e-mail;
  • to help to consumers to settle complaint disputes between consumers and traders/contractors;
  • to provide qualitative and quantitative research and campaign in actual topics of consumer protection;
  • to publish information leaflets in order to teach consumers to be critical and active and to give them practical tips to make their choices in everyday life.

Official Information:

  • House of Consumers Cooperation
  • Reg nr 80139930, established in 07.03.2001
  • Address: Riia 15b, Tartu, 51010
  • Phone: +372 5845 2323
  • E-Mail: info [at] tartutarbija.ee, tiiu.muursepp [at] ut.ee
  • Web: www.tartutarbija.ee
  • Board Members: Karin Plakk, Tiiu Müürsepp, Inna Usmanova, Galina Tubin, Riina Kallas
MTÜ Tarbijate Koostöökoda
Tel: +372 5300 6193 (info), +372 5845 2323 (nõustaja)
E-post: tartutarbija@gmail.com
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